Hourly Moving Rates
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Moves under 50 miles in Georgia are considered to be "Local Moves" and are also "Hourly Rated Moves" .  For your Local Moves, the "time" begins when we actually arrive at your home or office, and ends when we have finished at your new location

Normal hours of service are Monday thru Friday 8:00am 'til 5:00pm

Anything other than the above is considered as "Overtime Rates"

All rates include the Moving Van and either 2 or 3 men plus the necessary equipment (furniture pads, appliance trucks, dollies and the like), but do not include any packing materials.

Check out the Box Prices here.
Hourly Rate for .......Truck & 2 Men.....$110.00  ..... Truck  & 3 Men.....$135.00
Overtime Rate for....Truck & 2 Men.....$135.00....... Truck   & 3 Men...$165.00