Great Moving Tips
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60-90 Days before Moving

1.   Find a Realtor to sell your home.
2.   Find a Realtor in destination city.
3.   Contact Moving Companies for an estimate.
4.   Update your address book.
5.   Obtain appraisals or gather receipts of high value items

15-30 Days before Move

1.   Eliminate everything you do not want to move.
2.   Schedule elevator if moving from apartment building.
3.   Arrange for new auto and home insurance.
4.   Arrange for or start collecting the cartons you need to start packing.
5.   Start to pack non-essential items
6.   Notify Post Office and fill out change of address forms
7.   Notify credit card companies of your change of address
8.   Notify schools and make arrangements for school records to be sent to the new school.
9.   Ask Doctor and Dentist for referrals:transfer needed prescriptions, eyeglasses, x-rays. Obtain or                transfer medical records.
10.  Arrange to have someone watch children and pets during the move.
11.  Get hotel reservations, if needed.
12.  Get airline reservations, if needed

8-14 Days before Move

1.   Make arrangements to service your appliances at your current and your new home.
2.   Collect all clothing and items to be repaired or cleaned.
3.   Return things borrowed, collect things loaned.
4.   Arrange to discontinue utility service and connect at new residence. (Gas, Electric, water,                              telephone, cable, garbage)
5.   Get refunds on any deposits made.

1-7 days before Move

1.   Dispose of all flammables, cleaning fluids, bleach, paint, aerosol cans, and ammunition.
2.   Drain gas and oil from power equipment.(Mower, weedeater, etc.)
3.   Set things aside to pack in car. 
4.   Have all fragile boxes marked and set aside.
5.   Disconnect TV and antenna.
6.   Discontinue regular services and deliveries.
7.   Arrange payment of mover.
8.   Empty freezer:plan use of food.
9.   Defrost and clean refrigerator.
10. Pack a box of items you will need as soon as you arrive.

Moving Day

1.   Finish packing personal items, strip and pack bedding.
2.   Have extra box available for last minute items.
3.   Have an extra box or bag for last minute trash.
4.   Accompany the driver during inventory and check the condition of your goods as they are loaded.
5.   Sign the bill of lading and make sure the delivery address is correct.
6.   Give driver directions to your  new home and also phone numbers where you can be reached (motel, mobile, etc.)
7.   Double check closets, drawers, shelves to be sure all are empty.
8.   Leave old keys with Realtor or neighbor.
9.   Carry jewelry and documents with yourself.

1.   Notify the mover of any delays.
                                                              At your new address

1.   Check movers inventory to assure you have received all your goods.
2.   Obtain vehicle stickers, if needed.
3.   Register children at school.
4.   Arrange for medical sercices; Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian, etc.
5.   Have new address recorded on Driver's License.
6.   Register to vote.
7.   Check pilot light on stove, hot water heater, and furnace.
8.   Ask mailman for any mail he might be holding for you.

Checklist of Services and Companies to be notified:

                   ____Post Office                     ____Schools                          ____Doctors & Dentists
                   ____Veterinarian                   ____Pharmacy                      ____Insurance Companies
                   ____Banks                              ____Stock Broker                ____Magazines
                   ____Clubs                               ____Church                           ____Credit Cards
                   ____Utility Companies         ____Phone Company         ____Newspapers
                   ____Trash Company            ____Cable Company           ____Vehicle Licenses
                                                                       ____Drivers License